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One Click Politics

Who is One Click Politics?

One Click Politics is a small team of passionate individuals represented throughout the political spectrum that share a common goal - easy and open access to the elected representatives and decision makers that create the laws and policies that govern our daily life.

What is One Click Politics?

One Click Politics is the easiest way to put your supporters with your message in front of decision makers. Our embeddable widget and API offer organizations painless lobbying and outreach tools that can deployed in a matter of minutes. Groups find that the One Click Politics platform not only assist in their legislative outreach but also adds to their listbuilding and fundraising campaigns by engaging their supporters with the messages that matter most to them.

When did One Click Politics start?

One Click Politics was founded in 2010, with the current iteration beginning in 2014. Our mission from the start has been to expand the reach of individuals and organizations and open access to governement to everyone.

Where is One Click Politics located?

The One Click Politics team is located strategically throughout the country and exists in a virtual enviornment with full coverage on both coasts and DC.

Why does One Click Politics exist?

The mission of One Click Politics is as clear as the document that inspired our creation. As strong supporters of both the Constitution and the First Amendment, we believe that right to redress our elected representatives is the most powerful and meaningful display of a free society. Our work is simply an extension of this idea.

How does it work?

One Click Politics uses a proprietary system that geolocates your supporters by their address. Based off of this information, we match their record to the most up to date federal and state district maps and determine their specific legislative representatives. On top of that, you can elect to send to one or more specific representatives, even outside your supporters districts. You can send to a whole committees, parties or caucuses. Only One Click Politics gives you that finite control of not just your message, but also the intended recipient.

Functional Questions

Who can I reach with your services?

The One Click Politics database makes it easy to connect your message with every member of the House and Senate, as well as all fifty state legislatures. In addition, our custom recipient option allows organizations the ability to add local municipalities, school boards, corporate officials and more!

What locations are currently covered?

The One Click Politics platform currently serves the US, Canada and Australia. Plans to expand to the UK and New Zealand are also in the works.

When do you update your data?

We update our data as elections occur and bring new contacts online as soon as they become available. Due to the nature of individual states, we update their legislative records as they become available.

Where do you get your data?

We use a variety of partners and programs to enrich and cross-verify our data sets. A large number of our records include up to three contact methods which are constantly monitored to achieve the highest level of delivery. Should we register a sending fail, your message is placed in our queue and is sent through an alternative method. To our knowledge, One Click Politics is the only platform that has this level of redundancy currently available.

Why don't you tweet or call? Couldn't you easily add that feature?

One Click Politics limits itself to email for a reason. Social media is often ignored as extraneous noise and phone calls don’t seem to get returned too often. Our focus on email, both through official accounts and webforms gives your message the highest chance of being read and considered. Can you really do that in 140 characters or less? Do you think elected represetatives are really clicking links? We find that email is the best and most professional method of communication with our elected representatives.

How do I see a demo?

Just send an email to outreach@oneclickpolitics.com or check out some of our videos here. (Videos coming soon)

Sales Questions

Who uses One Click Politics?

Anyone can use One Click Politics! With both free and paid plans, the One Click Politics platform scales to fit any organizations needs from super small to super PAC!

What are the other benefits of using OCP?

Organizations that use One Click Politics often find that their communities become more engaged and active through its use. It is not uncommon for subscribers to see unexpected gains in their list-building, fundraising and social communities through their use of our tool. On top of that, most groups that engage in best practices often find our tool to be either cost neutral or profitable through increased community use and exposure.

When does my campaign become live?

Your campaign is live out of the box. One Click Politics does not require any extensive or expensive setup or additional development costs to get your message online.

Why is One Click Politics better than the other tools like it on the market?

Unlike petition sites, One Click Politics delivers your messages directly to your recipients' inbox. Our proprietary technology is the only one on the market that lets you select the recipients, even if they are out of your supporter's district. You set the rules and recipients. You can send to full committees, individual representatives, your own custom list - or just to your supporters' direct represetatives. You can even use our API to make your own widget or webpage to keep your branding and message the way you want it.

How long is my commitment?

We offer fourteen day, fully functioning trials. Create one campaign and see the results for yourself, then sign up for one of our paid plans. We offer monthly, semi-annual and annual plans so you are never obligated to pay for an action that you already won.

Other Questions

Who does One Click Politics integrate with?

Our platform currently syncs with NationBuilder, NeonCRM and SalesForce. In addition, our embeddable widget plugs into most websites with ease, including WordPress, Joomla and Ning. For other integrations please contact us at outreach@oneclickpolitics.com

What else does One Click Politics offer?

In addition to our advocacy tool, the One Click Politics team offers branded apps, complex customization and an API for those who want total control.

When do I see results?

Results are immediate. Our data analytics package shows you both traffic and results in real time, letting you adjust your message on the fly to determine the best results.

Why should I sign up right now?

You should sign up right now to see how it works and try a quick campaign. We have a two week free trial and support on standby to make your advocacy campaigns the best they can be. We find that most groups that sign up with One Click Politics, stay with One Click Politics. Don't believe it? See our testimonials.

How do I start?

It's easy to create an account. Just sign up here and choose the plan that fits your needs.

Dashboard and Deliveries

How do I get the records of who sent messages?

All of the data that we collect as part of your campaign is easily downloaded as a .csv file. Simply click the signer data button in the data link and download your data.

How do I view received messages?

You can also cross reference your data by downloading the message count and type by recipient. To access that information, click the recipient data button in the data link and save the .csv for easy review.

How do I retire a message?

Your message database consists of both active and retired messages. To retire a message to your archive, simply select the "retire" button next to the active campaign in your dashboard.

How do I access my analytics?

Each message has it's own set of live analytics. To manage this data, simply select analytics in the indivudual message settings.

How do I sync with NationBuilder?

Syncing with NationBuilder is easy. If you logged in using your NationBuilder slug, simply select one of the two sync buttons. The first is located under the gear in your header bar and the second is located on the data link on your dashboard. If you do not see "Sync NationBuilder", please logout all the way, login to NationBuilder and then login to One Click Politics. New supporters will be added to your Nation as well as the action subject, which becomes a tag.

How do I sync with NeonCRM?

To sync with NeonCRM you need both your Neon Org ID and your Neon API key. The sync is found on the data link at the top of your dashboard. Input your specific credentials and save. All new supporters will be added to your NeonCRM database and your internal message name will sync to their NeonCRM record activities.

Most Asked Questions

Can I get a copy of every email?

Easily. To get a copy of every email sent, simply add your organization as a custom recipient to your campaign.

How do I send to a committee?

One Click Politics lets you decide who you want to have your supporters reach. If you would like to message a committee or someone outside your state or consituentcy, select that person and set "constituent mail only" as no in your individual message settings.

How do I send to a custom recipient?

Custom recipients are available as a paid feature and are easy to add. In order to utilize a custom recipient we need the recipients name, role, email, city, state and country. Our custom recipient option has its very own set of rules and logic and are available on a local, state and national level. Selecting a recipient for a local level would only allow messages from that locality to reach and this applies similarly to the state and national level. Creating the same custom recipient with a different locality would allow messages from both localities to reach the recipient, such as Los Angeles and Beverly Hills or NYC and Brooklyn.
* Custom webform mapping also available. Contact us for more information.

How do I send to just my supporters' representatives?

To send to your supporters' specific representatives, select all members of that particular state or committee and set "constituent mail only" to yes in your individual message settings.

Account Questions

How do I get a copy of my invoice/receipt?

Invoices and reciepts are generated upon demand. Please contact outreach@oneclickpolitics.com to set up your account to receive either.

How do I contact support? What are support hours?

You can contact support at outreach@oneclickpolitics.com anytime. Support hours are typically M-F 8:00 AM EST - 8:00 PM EST

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account from the "Edit Profile" page within your account. If there is a problem cancelling your account, please send notification to outreach@oneclickpolitics. Include your organization name, email and date or your campaign end with your request.

How do I access the API?

Our API is available for qualified customers at their request. Please send all requests to outreach@oneclickpolitics.com

How do I request a feature or additional coverage area?

Please send requests for additional features or coverage areas to outreach@oneclickpolitics.com


Embeddable Widgets For Your Blog or Website

We offer both static and responsive widget options - you can customize the size of your widget to fit your page, or choose to use our responsive widget to automatically fit any screen size.

Customize Your Settings For Every Action

All actions have the ability to set:
  • Internal Message ID
  • Message Analytics
  • Message subject
  • Message summary
  • Note to supporters inside widget
  • Sign message with Facebook
  • Sending Goal
  • Opt-out box
  • Custom Sharing URL
Three ways to send your messages:
  • Standard Email
  • Petition Mode with address
  • Petition Mode with Zip/Postcode only
Additional options:
  • Lock Message Text
  • Require phone number
  • Turn on/off supporter email confirmation

Social Sharing Tools

Google Plus

Free Call to Action Page

With every message, we provide shareable links to a call to action page that includes social sharing, your organization’s branding, a progress bar and Facebook comments.

Paid Features

  • Post-send redirect to your own Fundraising or Further Action Page
  • Export Captured Sender Data
  • Custom Widget Branding
  • Custom Recipients
  • Contact officials outside of the United States
  • Receive a copy of each message
  • Intelligently linked actions - Federal to State
  • Send messages from outside of the recipients’ district
  • Send messages to entire committees

Other Premium Offerings

Mobile App

We can provide you with an iPhone or Android app for your messages.
Contact us to learn more.

Custom Development

We also provide Custom Development for new custom features and tools.
Contact us to learn more.

Email us at outreach@oneclickpolitics.com or call 202-800-8877.

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