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Write What You Want. Update When You Want.

Customize Settings and Appearance Right From Your Dashboard

Creating a message is as easy as composing an email. Write a compelling subject line to grab attention, write your message and off you go!

You can return to the message editor and update any message's content any time. All of your embedded widgets will be automatically updated to reflect your changes, so there's no need to update your embed codes.

While some sites accept only messages with a certain slant or about current legislation, we believe anyone should be able to write to officials on any topic, from any angle. You're free to write what you want without restriction (excluding profanity, hate speech and other forms of abuse, of course).

Customize Your Settings For Every Action

Customize Settings and Appearance Right From Your Dashboard
  • Set Internal Campaign Names for internal tracking in your CSVs and sorting/tagging in your CRM syncs
  • Create a Call to Action to tell people why they should support your message
  • Write a note to your supporters inside the widget
  • Allow your supporters to sign the message via Facebook
  • Set your Sending Goal and track your progress
  • Ability to include an Opt-out Box
  • Set a Custom Sharing URL to customize the web page that your supporters share from your message
  • With every message, we provide shareable links to a free call to action page that includes social sharing, your organization’s branding, a progress bar and Facebook comments

Optional Petition Mode

Activate petition mode to collect signatures and supporter data without message delivery.

Activate petition mode to collect signatures and supporter data without message delivery. All submitted user data will be collected, but messages will not be passed onto recipients.

Raise Money

Raise Money

Your supporters can be directed to your contribution page immediately after sending their message, helping to raise money by creating high conversion rate opportunities.

Choose Recipients For Each Message

Create Custom Recipient Sets for Each Message

Other services limit the number of recipients you can target with each campaign. We think you should have the freedom to target whoever you want, whenever you want.

Add pre-defined groups of recipients such as all of Congress or Senate, party affiliation, committees, states or individually by name. Edit your message recipient lists whenever you want. Add or remove individuals or groups and your remotely embedded widgets will be updated automatically.

Add Your Own Custom Recipients

Add Your Own Custom Recipients

Target local or non-government officials with ease. Add your own custom recipients and their contact information to get your message to anybody you wish to reach. Your custom entries will be saved so that you can quickly access and add them to messages in the future.

Customize Your Form

Customize your widgets

We provide you the freedom to brand your form for your organization, with the option to choose your own background color, button color, font, font colors, and even your organization's logo.

When you're finished customizing the form, we will instantly generate a small code snippet which can be dropped into any HTML page. Just copy the code and paste it wherever you want your widget to appear.

Generate Unlimited Widgets Of Any Size

Create unlimited instances of your widgets at any size and host them anywhere you want on the web. Adjust and preview the size of your widget to fit any space available on your website.

They can be featured on landing pages, blog posts, affiliated sites or social networking profiles that support custom html, such as Facebook or Tumblr. Engage your supporters wherever they are on the internet.

Landing Pages

Large widgets are great tools for campaign landing pages. Educate your visitors about an issue and motivate them to take action.

Blog Sidebars

Embed widgets of any size on supporting blogs or affiliated websites. Small widgets are a perfect fit for sidebars.

Social Profiles

Post your widgets on social profiles that support custom html. Utilize your social networks and engage followers right on the spot.

Create Custom Forms With Our API

We've built a robust REST API that you and your developers can use to create your own custom forms.

Rather than working within the constraints of our pre-built forms, you can code your own forms to submit through our cloud-based system. Simply build your own form, connect it to our API, and your advocates will be able to use your custom forms to contact their representatives in the easiest way possible.

Access to our API is available upon request for both Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

Track Performance and Build Your Support List

Check on message performance, capture analytics data and more

Check on message performance, analytics data and more right from your dashboard.

Grow your supporter list - capture your senders' email, street address, and other information and instantly export everything to a CSV file.

NationBuilder, NeonCRM and SalesForce customers can sync directly to their CRMs with a single click - no exporting, no uploading, no filtering required. Our syncs have built in de-duplication and tagging so that your supporter information arrives in your CRM the way you want it.

We have custom solutions for organizations of every size.


One Click Politics provides advocacy and engagement tools to organizations and companies. Email or call us to inquire about using our services to engage your supporters!


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