One Click Politics

Communication Tools

Email Solutions

Forget the postage and complicated Congress contact forms.
Our targeted email actions put your message directly in your targets' inboxes with one easy click.

Message Rotator

Use the message rotator to greatly increase the likelihood that Legislative Correspondents will receive and read the messages your advocates send. Our 36 messages combinations will help you bypass filtering systems and email aggregators.

  • Auto-Randomizing
  • 6 Unique Subject Lines
  • 6 Unique Pre-Recorded Advocacy Messages
  • 86% Greater Chance of Not Being Flagged as a Form Email

Social Solutions

Leverage our Social Media tools for contacting targets via Twitter.
With one click we submit your advocates' Tweets directly to your targets' Twitter walls.


Three quarters of legislative correspondents interviewed said it takes less than 30 social posts from constituents to get their attention on an issue, for which their member was still undecided. In comparison, it took 100 phone calls and 150 emails to have the same effect.


Over two-thirds of communications directors and press secretaries surveyed think Facebook and Twitter are extremely important tools for grasping constituents opinions on key issues.

Congressional Management Foundation - 2016


Phone Solutions

Connect your advocates to your targets by phone with ease.

Patch Through Calls

Patch-Through calls allow you access to advanced features and analytics for phone campaigns including call duration, custom voice greetings, phone scripts, call-prompting, and automatic rotation of targeted recipients.

  • Our system connects advocates with elected officials with just "One Click".
  • Advocacy calls are tracked by advocate, legislators contacted, and call duration.
  • Record a custom voice greeting with instructions for your advocates.

Multi-Action Tool

Allow your advocates to take up to 3 actions simultaneously from the same form.
Email, Tweet, and Call legislators with one simple form.

One Click Widget

Our signature “One Click Widget” allows you to amplify the voice of your supporters by giving them the ability to communicate with elected officials through four simultaneous communication channels with “One-Click.”

No extra steps. No sliding over to the next action. When we say One-Click; we actually mean it.

Post comments directly to elected officials Twitter accounts while simultaneously sending them an email - your advocates are able to call elected officials from the same widget.

Activate Your Advocates

Integrated Email Marketing

Email marketing is the fastest, most cost-effective way to reach your audience of advocates.

Smartlink Technology auto-populates your widgets for existing Advocates.

Use our drag-and-drop email builder, pick from hundreds of professionally-designed templates, or upload your existing HTML Templates.

Advanced email testing tools and interactive analytics which allow you test, optimize and measure how your emails are performing in real-time.

Easy to use drag-n-drop template builder

Text Messages & Mobile Keywords

Use keywords to grow your mobile list at live events and activate your advocates through text messaging campaigns.

  • Advocates who text you receive links to automated action alerts, surveys, or fundraising appeals.
  • Our advocacy tools are mobile responsive so advocates can take action directly from their iPhone, Android or tablet.
  • Text the word "Advocate" to 313131 to receive a sample link for a mobile action alert.

Targeting Databases

Targeting Options & Data Sets

Elected Officials

Local — Mayors and City Council Members.

State — Governors, State Senators, and State House Reps.

Federal — United States Senators and Congress Members.

(State/Provincial and Federal Databases available for Canada and Australia)

Congressional Staff

Chiefs of Staff, Communications Directors, Press Secretaries, Legislative Directors, State/District Directors, Legislative Assistants, Legislative Correspondents, etc.

Regulatory Officials

Federal & State Agencies including: FCC, EPA, DOJ, DOT, SEC, etc.

Media & Journalists

Newspaper — journalists for national, regional, and local papers.

TV & Radio — broadcasters for national, regional, and local outlets.

Corporate Boards

Members of the Board of Directors for Fortune 500 corporations.

Custom Recipients

Target custom recipients by email, phone and Twitter.

Campaign Analytics

Advocate Profiles

Individual Advocate Activity Summaries

Advocate Data

Collect, track and analyze individual Activity data on each of your advocates.


Track engagement across campaignson an advocate's individual activity timeline.


Enhance advocate profiles by conducting key contact, demographic, and policy surveys.

Campaign Activity & Legislator Reports

Individual, Campaign, State, District, Committee and Sub-Committee Reporting.

Campaign Activity Analytics
  • Key Metrics — Monitor web traffic and advocate actions by activity, campaign, date range, legislators contacted, etc.
  • Advocate Scores — Score advocates based on over a dozen unique engagement metrics and export campaign data into Excel.

Legislator Contact Reports

Get key metrics on which legislators were contacted, in which ways, and on which dates. Filter by campaign, state, or even committee.


Advocate Universe Mapping

Aggregate Advocate Data and Mapping

National Advocate Universe Map

Analyze the number of advocates you have in a geographic area or legislative district.

Target advocates based on location for district-specific "calls to action" or regional town-hall events.