Comment re DS Form Number DS-5535, OMB Control Number 1405-0226, “Supplemental Questions for Visa Applicants”



Tell the Trump administration you are AGAINST their proposed Backdoor Muslim Ban!

A few months ago, the Trump administration pushed through a temporary backdoor Muslim Ban in the form of discriminatory “extreme visa vetting.” They are now trying to make the Backdoor Ban permanent, but before they can do that, they are required to let the public submit comments about the idea. Please join CAIR in sending a clear, overwhelming message that we stand united against his anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-Iranian, and anti-immigrant proposal!

What You Can Do

Make your voice heard! Use the comment portal below to easily send a message to the Trump Administration telling them you oppose this idea. The deadline to do so is Monday, October 2nd at 8:59 p.m. PST (or 11:59 p.m. EST). Write your own comment, or use the sample comment below. If you use the sample comment, please add an additional sentence in the beginning or change the text so the comments do not all look the same.

Background: Donald Trump’s illegal Muslim Ban Executive Orders have been knocked down by the courts twice. Now he is trying another way to implement his discriminatory agenda: new “extreme vetting” requirements in visa applications.

If approved, this policy would be devastating for our communities. It would let the Trump Administration gather huge amounts of personal data about visa applicants, including their social media history for the past five years and their travel history for the past fifteen years. The Trump Administration would then be able to use this vast amount of information to reject visas; if they wrongly reject someone’s visa application, it is very hard to fight that decision.

Collecting this social media information is particularly frightening. We have already seen cases where visas were denied because U.S. government officials misunderstood innocent social media posts. Collecting this information on such a vast scale is sure to lead to widespread rejection of visas for inappropriate reasons, and the language about who can be targeted for this information collection is so broad that it can encompass huge groups of people. Given this administration’s unchecked Islamophobia, this policy is sure to be used very heavily against the Muslim community and against people from countries targeted by his Muslim Ban Executive Order.

The Trump Administration is once again trying to push a Muslim Ban, this time by calling it “extreme vetting.” We should not be fooled. Take action today to protect our communities from this Backdoor Ban!

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