#TakeTheLead to Combat Sexual Harassment

Sign the petition and urge California leaders to pass the strongest package of anti-sexual harassment laws to transform our workplaces.


We work so that we can support our families, fulfill our ambitions, and create a thriving life. Sexual harassment, assault, and violence should never stand in our way. But survivor stories reveal glaring policy gaps that continue to leave workers vulnerable to harassment and violence. Let's close those gaps. Help California take the lead in the nation in enacting strong laws against sexual harassment and violence and the rest of the nation will follow.

Equal Rights Advocates and other partners are advocating for strong legislation that will reform the system that enables sexual harassment to continue unabated. These bills include:

  • AB 1870 (Reyes, Friedman, Waldron): Extends the time by which workers may file workplace harassment and discrimination claims from one to three years.
  • SB 1038 (Levya): Clarifies that individuals can be held personally liable for retaliating against an employee for exercising her or his legal rights against workplace harassment and others forms of discrimination.
  • SB 224 (Jackson): Expands sexual harassment protections for business relationships under the Unruh Act to clarify that sexual harassment is prohibited by investors, elected officials, lobbyists, directors, and producers.
  • SB 1300 (Jackson): Amends existing state law to strengthen training requirements and other employer obligations to prevent workplace harassment; requires employers provide employees with information on how to file harassment complaints; and removes barriers to workers bringing claims and speaking out.

Sign this petition to add your voice to ours and urge California leaders to pass the strongest legislation against sexual harassment and violence in the country. Together, we can ensure that sexual harassment is not the price of a paycheck for any person regardless of race, class, or profession.

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