Advocate, Build Your Base, or Raise Money

Amplify Your Advocacy

Contact All of Congress

We believe any American should be able to contact any official or committee. Constituent messages are prioritized so reps can respond accordingly.

Reach State Legislatures

We provide the same capabilities for state legislatures that we do for Congress, for both individuals and committees. Contact us for more details.

Send to Other Recipients

Need to put your supporters in touch with local officials, a company or organization, or even non-U.S. officials? Contact us, we can help.

Learn more about our philosophy on contacting anyone in Congress.

Build Your Base

Collect User Data

Grow your supporter list - capture your senders' email, street address, and other information. NationBuilder customers can even sync to their nations with a single click.

Raise Money

Increase Donation Page Traffic

If your organization is interested in fundraising, your supporters can immediately be directed to your contribution page after sending their message, helping to raise money by creating high conversion rate opportunities.

Advocacy Power Tools

Embeddable Widgets

Embed messages on any website or social network. Custom designs to match your organization's brand also available.

Mobile Apps

Boost your organization's image, while getting your message out with an optional custom iPhone/Android app.

Profile Pages

Need a ready-made page to link to? Set up a free profile page for your organization to promote your cause.

We have subscription plans for organizations of every size.

Email us or give us a call at 857-600-0790.
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