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OneClickAgency solution for public affairs and digital agencies

Are you tired of advocacy software vendors who force you into long contracts for clients who have short term needs? Would you like the flexibility of managing campaigns for multiple clients within a single platform? Then ask about our OneClickAgency solution for public affairs and digital agencies.

We provide the ability for you to manage multiple client campaigns from a single user interface without the hassle of calling us to sign up a new client each time. Impress your clients and give your pocket book a rest with OneClickAgency.

Over 75 leading agencies including: Powell Tate, McguireWoods, CLS Strategies, Mercury Public Affairs, The Right Strategy Group, and Hill+Knowlton Strategies have used our solutions to impact policy outcomes for their clients.

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Flexible Contract Durations

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Manage Multiple Clients from a Single Interface

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