Advocates & Actions

Advocacy marketing and advocate acquisition campaigns.

Advocacy Marketing and Advocate Acquisition Campaigns

Are you launching a new coalition or association and need more members now? Want 10,000 signatures for your petition from residents of a certain state? Are you battling a legislative issue in a location where you don’t have enough advocates, who are constituents of the legislators you are attempting to influence? Or would you like to impress your boss by reporting a 15% growth in membership in less than 90 days? If your answer is yes, keep reading!

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We are here to help launch your next advocacy campaign.

OneClick Acquisition is your solution for generating immediate legislative actions from new supporters within mere days. We deliver “on demand, organic supporters” through our proprietary digital ad placement technology.

Furthermore, we offer the industry’s only Money-Back Guarantee on four separate factors for your acquisition campaigns. We can guarantee the following:

Cost Per Advocate (example: $2.50)

Geographic Location Acquired (example: North Carolina Residents Only)

Number of New Advocates Acquired (example: 10,000 new supporters)

Timeline for Acquiring New Advocates (example: within 30 days)