New Feature: Regulations and Verification

Regulations and Verification: New resources to increase your impact

Whether it is to capture the attention of supporters or improve the effectiveness of direct lobbying campaigns, OneClickPolitics® provides innovative digital grassroots advocacy software to grow your business, including our new feature, Regulations and Verification.

Over the past months, OneClickPolitics® has continued to enhance its features to help hundreds of clients achieve a measurable impact on policy outcomes at all levels of government.

Our latest features:

Federal Regulation Document

  • Allows your advocates/members to participate in the rulemaking processes of some federal government agencies.
  • Ability to create pre-written messages to ensure conversions.
  • Search for documents to comment on by document ID or keyword.

Preventing spam messages

  • Our verification system ensures only messages from valid email addresses are captured/sent.

Reach out to Darren Pyles, to schedule a web meeting to learn more about our latest features.