New Feature: Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)

Are you taking advantage of Urchin Tracking Module coding?

As more businesses demand their marketing teams to be more data-driven, Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) can empower marketers to have full control over their campaigns. OneClickPolitics® has added the UTM feature to their list of platform options.

This feature will allow organizations to track the following on all campaign pages hosted with OCP:

  • Track the performance of every single newsletter, blog post, ebook, email, etc.
  • Have the opportunity to add UTM tracking codes to their widgets and download reports.
  • Compare the performance of various organic and paid promotional tactics without having to create duplicate campaign landing pages. It will also be able to identify unique visitors, click paths, and see metrics including first-time visitors and returning visitors.

The OCP team has been working hard for the past few months adding features to better serve our customers. We have an exciting roadmap for updates to UTM functionality … stay tuned!

Reach out to Darren Pyles, to schedule a meeting to learn more about this and other latest features.